Photo Session

            Memorize our special days with our very talented photographers.

            Reserve the hall for 4 hours to get your event unforgettable.

            Economic Luxurious

            Economic Luxurious

            Make your luxurious event with a reasonable price with the best services. We provide you with Buffet, DJ, Hospitality, Decorations.

            This Package includes:

            1. Buffet
            2. DJ
            3. Professional Service
            4. Different type of hospitality: Savory and Sweets
            5. Drinks: Fresh Juices, Tea and Coffee 
            6. Your unique Wedding Dais
            7. Set The tables in the hall with a harmonic way
            8. Max. 50 persons

            Lailyet El Ghomra

            Your Royal event well organized with the magical decorations, DJ, Hospitality

            This package includes:

            1. Choose the Decor of the hall according to your event
            2. Different type of Sweets and Savory (2 services of each type)
            3. Choose your Drinks
            4. DJ
            5. 5 of our experts provide you our services.
            6. Max. 50 persons

            Occasion Package

            Celebrate your occasion in a unique and special way. Choose the type of hospitality that fits with you.

            This package includes:

            1. Enjoy our hospitality including: Tea, Green Tea, Coffee, Water, Dates and Chocolates.
            2. Professional Service with our expertise
            3. Arrange tables with a decorative view
            4. To feel comfort, you’ll find: Tissues, Soap, Charcoal, Mabkhara.
            5. Max. 50 persons.

            To Upgrade your package, to let your event more luxurious, you can add:

            1. Any kind of Buffet (Savory or Sweets) 
            2. Fresh juices
            3. Decorate the tables with flowers

            Wedding Anniversary

            Make your anniversary the most unique upon your taste.

            This Package includes:

            1. Reserve the hall for 3 hours
            2. Choose your Wedding Dais and your jerb
            3. Hospitality to make your anniversary memorable
            4. Unlimited photos
            5. Max. 5 persons.

            You can add some services:

            1. Limousine car
            2. Videography
            3. Special Dinner Buffet
            4. Print your photos
            5. Makeup Artist and HairDresser

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